Gather & Give Back Wellness

Unite, Commit, Support!

Social Impact requires healthy giving in our communities!

Who We Are . . .

We gather community-minded business owners to sponsor G&GB Wellness Packages to be given to local fire stations, police stations, veteran nonprofits and first responders. 

A Wellness Package . . .

  • Increases energy
  • Reduces discomfort and stress
  • Aids in regeneration and recovery
  • Improves sleep management
  • Enhances concentration and mental acuity

All Wellness Packages Include*:

• PEMF medical device for the station or office

*Options are available based on location and budget:

Sponsor Commitment:

Business sponsorship goal is $8,000.
Make checks payable to the Never Forget 911 Foundation.

  • Silver Sponsorship $2,000
  • Gold Sponsorship $4,000
  • Platinum Sponsorship $8,000

*10% of all proceeds raised goes to the Never Forget 911 Foundation.